Academic Departments

The academic departments central to Colby Arts are based in rigorous exploration, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Faculty challenge students to develop their artistic practices while connecting across other disciplines in pursuit of innovative problem solving and deepened understanding.


The department offers an integrated curriculum of studio and art-history courses that teach students how to engage in creative artistic practices and think critically about images in the world.

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Cinema Studies

Explore moving images circulating in a variety of media platforms and formats. Engage with the present and the future based on cinema’s past.

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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program offers the opportunity to exercise one’s imagination through disciplined work in the craft of writing.

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Work closely with professors—internationally recognized theorists, composers, performers, and musicologists—to investigate music in global, historical, and theoretical contexts.

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Performance, Theater, and Dance

Gain an understanding of the historical and theoretical study of theater and dance as well as obtain experience and training in acting, directing, movement, design, and technical production.

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